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In ISR we grow as a team under the dynamic environment.


Team Building Event

We hold quarterly team building events for our employees to strengthen camaraderie and promote team engagement. It is a great opportunity for them to communicate with people in other departments and make them more unified.

Language Lessons

Because of our cultural diversity aiming at global expansion, we provide English classes for our non-English speaker employees, and Japanese classes for our non-Japanese speaker employees to further enhance communication.

Performance Evaluation

The company conducts performance evaluation semi-annually thru delegated supervisors to discuss employee achievements and future goals inline with the company’s objectives. Thus, ensuring the career growth and development throughout their stay in the company.

Insurance Coverage (HMO)

In ISR, we care for our members’ health. Therefore, we provide the following benefits for our employees:
I. Insurance coverage (HMO) on your health and hospitalization
II. Insurance coverage (HMO) on one (1) of your dependent’s health and hospitalization*
III. Additional Insurance coverage (HMO) on one (1) of your dependent’s health and hospitalization after one (1) year of service (Maximum of 2 dependents only)

*Dependents for HMO is case by case


Working in ISR

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ISR has just opened up a new Philippine office in the city of Cebu. ISR employees are positive, hard working, and focused. Most are located in Tokyo, and hail from many countries around the world, making our team diverse. Some travel may be required, but most of the work is done locally, with video meetings held online.

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